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The Boardwalk Benches of Ocean City, NJ

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Lasting Images of Ocean City

Tom Landy Mack and Manco's  



8th Street to the Music Pier

Patricia Desorte

Albert Bickell
11/9/13 to 1/1/99
Frank Scornaienchi Jack and Helen Smith


Music Pier

Richard W Deaney

Nicholas J ("Chick") Trofa Jr.
1/13/27 to 1/31/92
Joni and Carl Skowronek Richard F. Weiler


Karol and Anna Skowronek

Ruth and Bob Heckman Jack and Nancy Boyle Elsie M. Haley 
William C. Haley


Phil Turner

George "Bud" Afflerback
11/4/17 to 12/30/98
Maestro Emeritus
Frank Ruggieri
Sept 9, 2001
Anne Ruggieri


Marie De Santis

Harvey's and McCusker's Chris and Emma Ebensperger
George and Laura Swartz
Marilyn Mansdoerfer

Bambi and Shadow

Enrico and Assunta Mele Betty McAvoy Margaret and Robert Krewson



Aunt Marie 
Uncle George


Music Pier to 9th Street

Holli Joy Powell-Mikla

Lois Whitham
9/8/32 to 9/17/98
Jack Young Harry, Theresa and Tom Applegate


Mort Goldfield

Ruthie Day Miles J. Laffey
Capt. Norman W. Shriver, USN, Ret


"Mom" and "Pop" Shriver

Michael Tobiah Plam
1/27/1976 to 11/07/94
Stephen M. Gross ("Bookstore Steve") Beni Spinosi


Charles and Ida Stauffer

Elizabeth (Lillian) O'Sullivan Hill and Joe Hill Richard and Maryanne Kull
Marty and Harry Vanderslice


Kay Cheesman Christina Lea Apgar
F.W."Bud" and Betty Smith Richard Anderson



Jean and Jim Dattilo




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